Promoting Institutional Courage

Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD

Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD

We work with senior leaders to facilitate organizational transformation  and culture change.  We help institutions nurture equity, inclusion, and a healthy workplace by promoting concrete, research-based solutions. Our clients and their organizations develop tools to maintain and nurture talent and become leading examples of institutional courage.

A Passion to Assist Organizations

We have a passion for helping organizations become healtier and more equitable. Our services include providing consultation, workshops, and educational presentations.  We provide advice regarding assessing and preventing discrimination and harassment, as well as offering tools for promoting institutional courage and success.  

Applying our Research

Jennifer Freyd, PhD, has decades of experience researching individual and institutional betrayal and trauma.  Her award-winning investigations have also explored interventions to cultivate a more positive and healthy interpersonal and organizational culture supporting trust and engagement. We apply this research to understanding and addressing challenges organizations face regarding equity and the creation of a more productive and supportive work environment.