Professional Services

Public speaking



Jennifer Freyd, PhD, is a frequent speaker.  Recent presentations include:

Consulting for Organizations and Leaders


We are passionate about helping organizations reach their potential for health and equity.  We consult on approaches that lead to engaged leaders and staff.  Our approach is based on research and conceptual knowledge of betrayal trauma, institutional betrayal, assessing the climate through anonymous surveys, listening skills, developing trauma-informed policies regarding harassment, discrimination, and reporting, approaches to avoid defensive reactions to discussions of racism and sexism, and concrete steps an organization can take to prevent institutional betrayal and promote institutional courage.

JJ Freyd has many years of research experience.  One area of expertise is anonymous survey design. Conducting quality anonymous surveys are often an important early step in addressing issues of organizational health and equity.

For more on our approach see Freyd's essay on Institutional Courage -- 10 Steps to take-- When sexual assault victims speak out, their institutions often betray them, (Republished by Salon, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, AP, and many others.)

Tailored workshops



In addition to public lectures, Jennifer Freyd is a skilled educator with 34 years of one-on-one mentoring and classroom teaching experience.  She enjoys blending discussions and hands-on activities with conceptual and research-based content.   She is especially passionate about providing tailored briefings and workshops for organizational leaders. 

Expert witness: Consulting for Attorneys



For over a decade, JJ Freyd has consulted for numerous attorneys in both criminal and civil cases.  This includes working for defense teams as well as prosecutors in the Oregon office of US Department of Justice.  Much of this work involves educating the attorneys, judges, and jury about victim reactions to interpersonal and institutional betrayal trauma.  See for instance this short article describing JJ Freyd's contribution to one particular criminal case:



JJ Freyd's clients have included:

  • The US Attorney's Office, District of Oregon

  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickman

  • The National Park Service

  • The Oceanography Society

  • The University of Notre Dame

  • The University of New Mexico

  • The University of California, San Francisco



Dr. Freyd’s consultancy came at the precise moment when our campus community needed it most — in the ongoing transition from institutional betrayal to institutional courage. Her visit to our campus included a compelling lecture placing her research in the context of the national conversation about campus sexual assault, as well as workshops that brought our faculty, students and staff together for important conversations about overcoming obstacles to improving our response to sexual assault in the future.
— Dr. Elizabeth Quay Hutchison, Professor, Latin American History at The University of New Mexico
The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) was delighted to host Dr. Jennifer Freyd for consultation and a lecture about sexual harassment and Institutional Betrayal. Dr. Freyd’s extensive research on these topics is even more significant in the current climate as we see a cultural shift around matters of sexual harassment and sexual assault. We felt compelled to address these issues head on and Dr. Freyd gave us the tools to do so. Dr. Freyd’s presentation was relevant and timely and resonated loudly for our community. She drew a standing room only crowd. We would welcome Dr. Freyd back to our campus in a heartbeat.
— Elizabeth Silva, PhD, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, & Denise Caramagno, Director, Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education for Sexual Assault and Gender-based Violence, UCSF
Dr. Freyd’s keynote address on Institutional Betrayal at the recent sexual ethics conference, “Do No Harm”, of The United Methodist Church was exactly what we needed to hear. Her extensive research and presentation helped form a foundation to build a response for best practices to the receipt of a complaint of sexual misconduct within the Church. Denominational leaders from across the world echoed appreciation for her work and invitation to move from institutional betrayal to institutional courage in our response. Here are a few of the comments from participants:
“Jennifer Freyd’s presentation was amazing, giving language and structure to a feeling in my gut. I’m still processing all that she shared and the implications for our local churches, communities, and denomination.”
“The presentation on betrayal was outstanding! Thank you for bringing a scientist to discuss memory and institutional ethics.”
“The Institutional Betrayal presentation was excellent information and I’m deeply grateful to hear her thoughts. These were incredibly applicable to the church.”
— Becky Posey Williams, MSW Sr. Director for Sexual Ethics and Advocacy, The United Methodist Church