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Blind to Betrayal

2013 From Close Relationships to Institutional Betrayal

"When a partner or parent or trusted institution betrays us -- whether by failure to help us or even to believe us -- does dependency make us blind to the betrayal or do we choose the truth and ourselves? Jennifer Freyd and Pamela Birrell use two decades of research and personal stories to show how denial of the truth keeps all parties trapped. Blind to Betrayal also includes a chapter on the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, a national group and fictional syndrome created by Freyd's parents to deny allegations of abuse. This is a brave, helpful and landmark book." -- Gloria Steinem

Blind to Betrayal is available in paperback, Kindle, and Audible versions and has 7 translations.

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Betrayal Trauma: the logic of forgetting childhood abuse

1996 This book lays bare the logic of forgotten abuse. Psychologist Jennifer Freyd's breakthrough theory explaining this phenomenon shows how psychogenic amnesia not only happens but, if the abuse occurred at the hands of a parent or caregiver, is often necessary for survival. Freyd's book gives embattled professionals, beleaguered abuse survivors, and the confused public a new, clear understanding of the lifelong effects and treatment of child abuse.

Betrayal Trauma is available in hard cover and paperback.

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Trauma and Cognitive Science

2001 In the midst of the controversies over how repressed, false, and recovered memories should be interpreted, Trauma and Cognitive Science presents reliable original research instead of rhetoric. This landmark volume examines the way different traumas influence memory, information processing, and suggestibility. The research provides testable theories on why people forget some kinds of childhood abuse and other traumas. It bridges the cognitive science and clinical approaches to traumatic stress studies.

Trauma and Cognitive Science is available in hard cover, paperback, and Kindle.




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